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The BBC reports that young children’s maths, English and communication skills improve if they use iPads in school on a regular basis.
'Effectively Managing Teacher Workloads'
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) conducted a survey of over 16,000 teachers in September last year and found that: 90% of teachers had considered giving up teaching in the last two years because of workload.
This July, teachers will have the chance to step out of the classroom setting and into the technology industry with the IBM Computing Summer School .......
Core academic teachers ‘leaving profession’.
The BBC reports that maths, science and language teachers in England have high rates of leaving the profession, particularly in their first five years, a study finds...
As the final resignation deadline approaches for teachers, SecEd‘s headteacher diarist is facing a month of sleepless nights…
Our exam board will keep setting hard questions, no matter what students tweet.
Kunal Gandhi says in i News, “As the Social Media Manager at exam board AQA, I’m willing to bet that I’m about to get a lot busier.”
EducationCity, the award-winning online teaching, learning and assessment resource, will be running a .......
It’s time to stop demonising SATs – we need to test 11-year-olds.
The Telegraph reports that there’s lots of discussion this week about SATs and whether they should be binned. Mark Lehain, a free school founder, principal and parent argues that testing 11 years olds in an important thing for schools to do.
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) conducted a survey of over 16,000 teachers in September last year and found that: 90% of teachers had considered giving up teaching in the last two years because of workload.
Wigan schools get anti-bullying app.
Wigan Today reports that technology is helping to lead the fight against bullying at Wigan borough schools.
The TES reports that for too many teachers........
Kitronik becomes official micro:bit wholesaler
Company to distribute the device globally as part of agreement reached with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.
“With funding per pupil set to fall in real terms by 6.5%1, more and more UK schools are ......
Teacher knows best? Not any longer as parents muscle in on the classroom
The Guardian reports that when Geoff Barton started teaching in 1985, parents’ evening – a brief five-minute chat – was the only time teachers saw most mums and dads.
Love hands-on learning? Have the need for speed? F1 in Schools is for you!
-Resource Supports Tests, Transition and Mental Health Awareness Week - Jenny Edrds CBE, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation
The Socialist Worker reports that workers at three schools in south east London began a coordinated two-day strike against cuts this week.
One in four school staff lack a degree in the key subject they teach.
The Daily Mail reports that more than a quarter of teachers in many key subjects do not have a relevant degree in their field – and the problem is getting worse, research suggests.
Education Business reports that radicalisation is seen as the top concern in schools, overtaking cyber bullying and child grooming, research shows.
Roy Blatchford: ‘Does recruitment need to be like this?’
Roy Blatchford argues that the profession can no longer afford to waste precious resources on advertising for teachers and school leaders.
Erin Miller is a teacher and reports in The Guardian.
School recruitment problems as teachers leave profession
ITV Tyne Tees News reports that school leaders and teaching unions in the region have said that more teachers are leaving due to excessive workload, meaning schools in the area are struggling to recruit good staff – and putting educational standards at risk.
i News reports that teachers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of hammering a “nail in the coffin” of testing by threatening to boycott all primary school assessments...
Next wave of English free schools approved
The BBC reports that another 131 free schools have been approved to open in England, creating about 69,000 places.
Tens of thousands of examiners have had their personal details hacked after the exam board AQA was victim to a cyber-attack Schools Week reports.
Academy school bosses’ ‘immoral’ pay packets must be stopped, education sector told.
The Independent reports that academy school leaders have come under fire for taking home ‘obscene’ salaries of up to £430,000 last year – more than double that of the Prime Minister...
Schools Week reports that school-based teacher training routes are getting teachers into classrooms at higher rates than university providers, a new analysis has found.
Wales needs 50,000 more teaching staff over the next seven years
Wales Online has reported that Wales needs 50,000 more teaching staff over the next seven years
The Guardian reports that figures showing academic attainment in the south consistently outperforming the north are stark, with Liverpool particularly badly off.
‘Day of Discovery’ on 18th April will mark the start of National Share a Story Month
Teachers from schools across the UK will gather at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire next month for a day of digital storytelling.
The i is reporting…
School governors point to ‘diabolical’ budget squeeze
The BBC is reporting…
Ernest Bevin School for boys and co-ed Sixth Form College lives by an ethos that is central to everything it provides for its students and expects from them in return - the pursuit of excellence.
Education Truancy detectives: schools hire ‘attendance ambassadors’ to doorknock parents of children who fail to turn up
The Telegraph reports it was announced yesterday that schools in Essex will employ full-time truancy detectives in order to track down children believed to be absconding from school..
The BBC reports that a House of Lords report says learning to survive in a world dominated by the internet should be as important for children as reading and writing.
All schools ‘to face funding gap by 2020’
The BBC is reporting…
Primary schools are being encouraged to take part in an exciting new digital challenge which is already engaging thousands of pupils across the UK.
Cuts could mean schools close early two days a week, say teachers
The Guardian reports that headteachers’ union says budget pressures on teaching time have even led to discussion of a four-day week
The Guardian is reporting that headteachers are writing to parents over school funding and job cuts.
Budget fails to help most children and young people’s education
An official ATL press release on the recent budget announcements…
The TES is reporting that the government is providing more than £500 million for free schools and building maintenance.
Hundreds of schools use Uber-style apps to hire supply teachers
Hundreds of schools are using apps to employ supply teachers in a bid to cut out crippling recruitment agency fees, Schools Week reports., who specialise in bespoke online maths tuition to learners of all ages, are launching their new product .
Schools declare war against cyber bullies
Echo News is reporting that an army of schools, colleges, parents, politicians and police join the march against cyber-bullying.
The TES is reporting on a new study showing that almost two-thirds of young people working in science, technology and engineering careers believe that schools do not understand which skills employers are going to need.
Competition launched to find inspirational teaching ideas
Teachers with inspirational ideas for raising the achievement of disadvantaged children and young people are invited to enter the Let Teachers SHINE competition
Unique new game teaches real-life coding and prepares Students for their future
School spending on supply teacher agencies jumps by a fifth in three years
The Telegraph is reporting that recent figures have revealed that spending on supply teachers has jumped by a fifth in three years.
The TES is reporting that Scottish local authorities are demanding more control over teacher training to tackle recruitment problems.
Teacher shortage getting worse, say MPs
The BBC is reporting that the government is failing to take adequate measures to tackle “significant teacher shortages” in England.
The Guardian is reporting that Universities Minister Jo Johnson has asked institutions and students for guidance to combat plagiarism via so-called essay mills.
Only 1 per cent of the population see education as the country’s most important issue
The TES is reporting that education and schools are less likely to be named as important than unemployment and housing.
The TES is reporting that local authorities based in cities across the UK have urged education secretary Justine Greening to invest an extra £335 million in education, to avoid harming the economy or children’s education.
Swinney promises funding rise for teacher training places
The Scotsman is reporting that the Scottish government has announced that £3 million in funding will be made available to train extra teachers.
The BBC is reporting that schoolchildren in England will be offered lessons in cyber security in a bid to find the experts of the future to defend the UK from attacks.
More support staff ‘doing teachers’ work’
The TES is reporting that support staff are increasingly doing teachers’ work and that 74% have reported that their work feels identical to that of a supply teacher.
The Mirror is reporting that more than a quarter of primary school children are unable to join up their handwriting.
Half of British pupils ‘scared to use the internet’
The TES is reporting that children aged 10 to 15 worry they will be asked to do things on the internet that are illegal or that make them uncomfortable.
Professor Sonia Blandford is the founder and CEO of Achievement for All, a charity working with thousands of schools in ......
Academy accounts reveal millions more being spent on redundancies
The TES is reporting that a recent analysis has found that budget cuts have resulted in MATs shedding staff and spending a greater amount on redundancy and severance deals.
Epson survey of 1,300 educators in the UK reveals vital importance teachers attach to technology in the classroom.
Your schools news media roundup for 01/02/17
Today's schools news media roundup
Chris Rolph, a Principal Lecturer in Education at Nottingham Trent University, writes for The Conversation on how the ......
One in 10 nursery schools in England face closure within months
The Guardian is reporting that a survey has found that nursery schools are facing ‘death by a thousand cuts’ due to a funding crisis.
The winners of the 19th prestigious Bett Awards 2017 were announced last night (Wednesday 25 January, 2017) at the Bett Awards Dinner held at The Tobacco Dock, London.
Northern Grid for Learning helps schools in the North East avoid broadband disruption
The BT Broadband Contract for schools in the North East will cease in July 2017, but Northern Grid for Learning (NGfL) will continue to .......
The Sun reports that kids are to get extra help to shine in maths – with a specialist school to be opened in every town.
League tables: New targets see 282 secondaries underperforming
The BBC is reporting that a total of 282 secondary schools in England are deemed to be failing by the government, as they have not met a new set of national standards.
The TES is reporting that academics have said that pupils whose parents take little interest in their schoolwork are more likely to drop out of school than their peers
One in five secondary pupils checks social media in the middle of the night, study finds
The TES is reporting that secondary school students are checking social media in the middle night which, academics say, means that students are too tired at school during the day.
Parents able to view observations to boost engagement with child’s education........
May declares war on school cyber-bullies
The Daily Mail is reporting that the Prime Minister is instilling plans to tackle cyber bullying, including training teachers to spot signs.
The BBC is reporting that four million pounds will be spent in Welsh schools to improve results in science and technology.
Capita SIMS and Learning Ladders support schools adjusting to assessment without national curriculum levels
A technical partnership between Capita SIMS and Learning Ladders means that primary schools are be able to measure pupils’ progress without levels ......
The BBC is reporting that poor broadband has affected primary schools across Wales, so much so that their students are struggling to access online educational resources.
Schools and parents must work together to protect children onli
Premier is reporting that England’s children’s commissioner says young people are left to ‘fend for themselves’ in the digital world.
The TES is reporting that January is the busiest month for interest in becoming a teacher, according to National College for Teaching and Leadership.
Why girls are put off studying computer science
Graham Kendall, University of Nottingham, is reporting in The Conversation on why females are put off studying computer science.
The TES is reporting that following announcements from the National Audit Office over budget cuts, Justine Greening has outlined a new national funding formula (NFF).
Nearly half of heads in England worried about teacher shortages
The TES is reporting that 45% of headteachers in England are worried about teacher shortages disrupting their student’s education.
Consultancy service dedicated to helping schools maximise their existing IT
New money for school improvement, following £600m cut
The TES is reporting that the government has assigned £190 million for school improvement following a £600 million cut of the ESG.
The TES is reporting on Sir Michael Wilshaw’s final annual Ofsted report where he has told ministers to focus on teacher recruitment.
Stop using iPads in lessons to prevent bullying, minister says
The Telegraph is reporting that a minister has warned schools to stop using iPads in lessons in order to prevent bullying. .”
Commenting on the teacher training figures for the academic year 2016 to 2017, Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said:
Michael Gove admits he was wrong to cancel £55 billion of school funding
The Mirror reports that Michael Gove has admitted it was a mistake to cancel the Building Schools for the Future programme.
Celebrating young people’s creativity in filmmaking and reviewing, and Innovative Use of Film by Educators
TeacherIn app set to transform the recruitment landscape for schools and supply teachers
The app will help UK schools and supply teachers connect directly, while saving a ........
The TES is reporting that recent research has revealed that 4 in 5 schools have struggled to fill their vacancies in the past year.
Google to bring virtual reality to UK schools
The TES is reporting that Google is offering free training to teachers in the UK with the idea of bringing out virtual reality technology in schools.
The Daily Mail is reporting that a recent study has found that iPad apps and technology can teach children just as well as teachers can.
‘I’m scared to go to school’: More children than ever seek counselling for online bullying
It’s Anti-bullying week and The Telegraph is reporting that the number of children needing counselling for online bullying has increased by 88 per cent in five years.
The TES is reporting that the education secretary says the new Technical and Further Education Bill will help to create a ‘gold standard’ for FE.
English schools ‘may face shortage of 19,000 heads by 2022’
The Guardian is reporting that schools in England will likely face a shortage of 19,000 headteachers by the year 2022.
The TES is reporting that the majority of school leaders say parents have written negative online comments or abuse about their schools or staff over the past year, a cyberbullying survey has found.
Schools should be rated on pupils’ fitness, says NHS chief
Following last weeks post on the levels of obesity in children is rising, BT is reporting that schools should be rated on how physically fit their pupils are, the head of the NHS has said.
The Daily Mail is reporting that data protection campaigners have warned that schools could be ‘normalising children to surveillance’ as more than a thousand schools are thought to be monitoring children’s internet usage.
Managing school finances well is a ‘moral and ethical issue’
TES is reporting that union leaders have emphasised the importance of managing finances in a school efficiently.
The TES is reporting that critics say parents and pupils are kept in the dark about snooping software used to monitor students’ computer use
Teaching assistants’ pay strike sees County Durham schools close
The BBC is reporting that more than 100 schools are either closed or cutting classes as a 48-hour strike by teaching assistants in County Durham gets under way.
TES is reporting that Lord Baker has commented that every school in the country should have a 3D printer.
Fears that decline in pupils writing outside school could affect attainment
TES is reporting that a recent survey has shown that numbers of children writing outside of school has dropped, leading to concerns over its impact on attainment.
The BBC is reporting that thousands of smaller primaries and secondaries in England are becoming financially unviable, heads say. The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) says one-form entry primaries and secondaries with 600 pupils or fewer will “fall off a cliff” financially unless new funds are found.
School-leavers ‘lack essential workplace skills’
The BBC is reporting that most young adults who are leaving school, lack ‘essential’ skills that would help them in the workplace.
The BBC is reporting that a charity has warned young children’s education is in jeopardy as there is a shortage of qualified nursery teachers.
ONS statistics show the gender pay gap has narrowed to 18.1 per cent .......
The TES is reporting that pencil-and-paper assignments beat online projects in raising primary pupils’ progress, because staff can be more flexible and respond to students’ needs more easily.
Toby Young to take over as head of New Schools Network
Toby Young, the controversial journalist turned educationalist, has been appointed as the head of a government-funded charity to promote free schools in England, according to the Guardian.
The BBC is reporting that the government has decided to drop a bill to convert schools to academies.
Anglo-Portuguese School of London appoints Premier New Schools for initial pre-opening phase
Premier New Schools is pleased to announce that .........
TES is reporting that one union leader has written that teachers’ pay cuts cannot continue.
New teachers: 30% of 2010 intake quit within five years
The BBC is reporting that recent data has revealed an alarming drop-out rate in teachers leaving the teaching profession since 2010.
The TES is reporting that strike action in Durham over plans to cut teaching assistant pay by almost a quarter have been stepped up.
Best head teachers get paid least – study
The BBC is reporting that he school system systematically fails to recognise the head teachers who make the biggest impact in improving pupils’ chances, research suggests.
The TES is reporting that teaching assistants are undervalued and under-rewarded, according to Arron Bevan-John, a former teaching assistant.
Rural schools under pressure as number of teachers falls significantly
ITV News is reporting that a recent report has revealed that teachers are leaving the profession in increasing numbers.
TES is reporting that pension deficits could mean that many academies will cut teaching staff.
Nearly half of autistic children ‘have been illegally excluded from schools’
The Daily Mail is reporting that recent figures reveal that nearly half of autistic children in schools in England have been illegally excluded from schools.
Get Surrey reports that more than 50 new schools could have to be built in Surrey by 2020 to cope with the school population bulge, according to public sector building specialists.
The State of Mathematics in the UK - 19th January 2017
Ensuring Skills for the Future, Quality of Teaching and Compulsory Maths to 18 -
The TES is reporting the findings of a new analysis that lays bare the extent of the teacher recruitment difficulties faced by .......
England’s academy trusts ‘run up debts of £25m’
The BBC is reporting new figures it has obtained that show debts run up by 113 academy trusts in England amount to almost £25m. .
Only 7 weeks remain until World Education Days opens its doors in Bern (November 8 to 10), the capital city of Switzerland.
‘Nearly 69 million teachers needed’ if global education goals are to be hit
TES is reporting that in order for every child to receive a primary school education by 2030, 69 million new teachers will be needed worldwide.
The BBC is reporting that an education charity has stated that male teachers are in short supply in English classrooms.
Greening announces social mobility ‘opportunity areas’ and defends grammar school plans
The BBC is reporting that Education Secretary Justine Greening has announced six “opportunity areas” in England in a £60m scheme to ......
The TES is reporting that Scotland’s pupils will switch off from education and be left incapable of navigating the modern world if schools do not improve their use of digital technology, according to a landmark government publication.
£841k invested in platform allowing thousands of school parents to form virtual tribes
A new social platform aiming to reduce the stress of parenting by helping school parents connect easily and securely with ......
The Express reports that schools may be forced to close for one day a week because of a looming financial crisis, head teachers have warned.
Phonics test results rise again but poorer pupils lag behind
The Guardian is reporting that more than four in five primary school pupils in England passed the government’s check on ............
TES is reporting that less than three quarters of year 2 pupils reach the expected standard in reading or maths.
First weeks of school year are ‘perfect storm’ for cyberbullying
The TES is reporting that a recent survey has found that one in ten parents say their child has experienced online abuse and bullying.
The Evening Standard is reporting that a secondary school in Essex has banned all homework in order to give teachers more time to plan their lessons.
Fears for rural primaries as Cumbrian schools asked to cut budgets due to £8m SEND black hole
The TES is reporting that Ministers have been warned about the financial pressures facing rural schools as it emerged that Cumbria County Council is ...........
Fujitsu UK and Ireland has launched its Operation Innovation competition alongside partners Intel, Brocade and Kyocera to help provide students with ........
BCS calls for UK school students to scratch safely online with Animation17 competition
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is calling all 7-19 year old students across UK schools and colleges to enter the ....
The BBC is reporting that there were nearly 730 teacher vacancies in Scotland’s schools as pupils returned after their summer break, figures have shown.
9 out of ten rural schools and academies funded unfairly, says new research
The TES is reporting that a recent report has called for more action to be taken over the recent headteacher crisis in Scottish schools.
Recent study finds quarter of teachers are looking to leave profession
TES is reporting that a recent study has found a quarter of teachers are looking to leave the field of education and teaching.
The Prime Minister explained her future vision for reforms in British schools and a meritocratic country in a speech earlier today.
Number of state school pupils receiving private tuition has risen by a third
The Independent is reporting that about 43% of state school teachers have offered private tutoring outside their main work as demand continues to rise, a report has revealed.
Changes to statutory guidance on keeping children safe that come into force today (5 Sept) will have a profound impact on IT provision for .......
Research suggests the academisation of schools has no long-term benefit
The Guardian is reporting that recent studies have found the academisation of schools has no long-term effect in improving a school or GCSE results.
The BBC is reporting that Theresa May has told Conservative MPs she will not “turn the clock back” on grammar schools in England, but did not rule out some expansion.
Pupils hit as millions of pounds are drained from education in Newcastle
The Chronicle reports that Ministers have been urged to “iron out historic inequality” in funding after figures revealed education in Newcastle has taken a £10m hit over the past year.
Rachel Williams, Lecturer and part of the Employment Research Unit, Cardiff University, writes for The Conversation…
Wide variation in Sats results revealed across local authorities
The TES is reporting that this year’s Sats results showed.....
The TES is reporting that universities have called for the Scottish government to increase funding for .......
Welsh education has ‘massive untapped potential’, says leading academic
Wales Online is reporting that the nation’s education system has “massive untapped potential” and ........
The Evening Standard is reporting that tuition expert William Petty said maths teaching was often “stuck in the dark ages” ....
Is Ofsted in crisis after resignation of chairman David Hoare?
The TES is reporting that the resignation of David Hoare as chair of Ofsted has raised significant questions around whether the watchdog is in the midst of a crisis....
The TES is reporting that 200 disadvantaged state school pupils will be offered the chance to learn computer code.
Newry school students disqualified from A-level exam
The BBC is reporting that pupils at a Northern Ireland school are being disqualified after A-level exam questions were shared on social media.
GCSE results dropped by record levels this year and A*-C .......
David Hoare resigns as chair of Ofsted
The TES is reporting that David Hoare has stepped down from his position as the chair of Ofsted.…
Gotta teach ’em all’: ideas from teachers on how to use Pokémon Go in class
Teachers have already uploaded 30 Pokémon Go-themed .......
The TES is reporting that the pass rate for English language IGCSEs, taken by one in three 16-year-olds this summer, has......
Opening more grammars could ‘make teacher supply crisis worse’
The TES is reporting that John Howson says impact on teacher recruitment should be considered before any expansion of selection.
Press and Journal are reporting that North of Scotland schools have more than 260 teaching vacancies .....
Social divide stays in online learning
BBC News are reporting that there are strong social divisions in how young people use digita .........
The Guardian is reporting that secondary schools struggling to recruit sufficient staff spent an estimated £56m on ........
100 things you should have done at school before the age of 11
The TES surveyed 2,500 pupils to discover the experiences they value at school.
London, 21 July 2016, Stone Group, the provider of ICT solutions and services to education and the public sector, announced it will offer........
TES are reporting that Stephen Evans has been appointed the next ......
TES are reporting that Stephen Evans has been appointed the next ........
The TES is reporting that five teachers’ and headteachers’ unions, representing the.......
Academies warn Brexit ‘damaging science’
The BBC is reporting that the UK’s national academies representing science, medicine and engineering have told the government that Brexit is already harming science.
FE Week is reporting that Amanda Spielman has been formally approved as the next Ofsted chief inspector.
Theresa May could back new wave of grammar schools across England
According to the Express, a new wave of grammar schools could be opened across England under .......
Tom Perry and Rebecca Morris are reporting in The Conversation on Grammar schools and whether there is a ..........
Justine Greening announced as new education secretary replacing Nicky Morgan
FE week is reporting that Justine Greening is the new secretary of state for education, replacing Nicky Morgan who has ..........
The Daily Mail is reporting that half of Britain’s primary schools are set to copy maths teaching methods used .....
School term time holiday fines could be scrapped
The Bristol Post is reporting that fines for parents who take their children on holiday during ..........
Moon Consulting is cordially inviting you to attend our Advanced Leadership for Women in ...........
New schools careers initiative to plug digital skills gap
A new school careers scheme is addressing teachers’ lack of understanding about the digital industries and the shortage of up-to-date information on how school leavers can get digital jobs.
Head teachers need to take an active part in ensuring that their school offers a great computing curriculum .........
-On-line Quiz based Resource Challenges Perceptions about Intellectual Property and Piracy for first ever British IP Day, July 5th- .......
Applications are now open for computing scholarships.
Sensavis Launches The 3D Classroom App Aimed at Engaging and Motivating Students
-Interactive app helps learn biology, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering- ........
“smart trees” set to replace street ...
Founders4Schools announces new partnership with BBC to support BBC micro:bit campaign
Year 7 pupils will benefit from expert advice and teaching from tech leaders in their classrooms
Introduced at Bett in 2015, Bett Futures celebrates brave thinking, innovative new .......
Microsoft introduces Minecraft: Education Edition
As part of its ongoing commitment to empower ......
Pocket sized coding device available through selected partner organisations and distributors
ShakeItUp, an online
The BBC today launched ShakeItUp, an online tool that challenges teenagers to get creative and re-mix Shakespeare’s most loved scenes.
Crowdfunded Skoog 2.0 goes wireless and integrates with iPhone, iPad, iTunes and Spotify.
First of its kind free online CPD training for SEND launches
A new, online continuing professional development (CPD) resource.......
Queens Award 2016 winner - British assistive technology open up communication and learning for children with special educational needs
Naace announces new chair to drive education technology standards
The national education technology association, Naace, today announced the appointment of Dave Smith ....
68% of teachers say they spend too much time marking and not enough teaching......
150 students set to compete in the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge UK Final 2016
Six highly competitive regional finals events ......
When the Skynet computer system became self-aware ........
Google Apps for Education rolled out for all schools in Northern Ireland by Capita and C2k
Capita Managed IT Solutions and C2k have announced that ........
Education for the 21st Century is proud to announce the ....
State or Private? All Subjects are Not Equal
“ On the face of it, if you want to encourage your child into the sciences then sending them to a private ....."
New resource with a friendly blue puppet helps engage primary school pupils in Religious Education ....
Bookless libraries to sweep education within a generation
Bookless libraries could become common place in UK .......
Responding to reports that the government will aim to.......
What the 2016 budget means for technology in schools
"The chancellor's plan to allocate £500m ......."
New LGFL ‘Search and Rescue’ Resource brings maths to life with HM Coastguard and RNLI
Learning through Technology at the Education Show
With technology still high on the agenda in UK school.........
Sheffield schools, Sheffield Council and leading tracking and assessment provider, Educater, have partnered together to .......
Wanted: inspirational teaching ideas to help disadvantaged pupils
Grants of up to £15,000 on offer
Education for the 21st Century (E21C), the Multi-Academy Trust......
Whistle While We Work – UK Employees a Happy Bunch
Delving into the industry’s motivation levels, a nationwide study found that .......
To celebrate World Book Day we have launched the Serial Mash Reading Competition.
Award-winning students launch their own apps
Teachers and professors can curate material for their classes on public boards
Bett Awards Winners 2016 announced
Celebrating the best in education
Products designed to expand the potential of the BBC micro:bit, enabling the device to be used across a range of subjects related to the STEM agenda
Words for life
Research finds ebooks have measurable impact on boys’ literacy levels
Education Charity Into Film Supports Safer Internet Day with Curriculum-linked Resources, Educator Training and Film making competition
The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) announced today that Patrick Hayes will become its new director.
Hour of Code - UK Schools take part with Discovery Education
Discovery Education is encouraging schools across the UK to take part in Hour of Code
-Charity partners with Industry Trust and IPO to Celebrate Creativity and Build Intellectual Property Awareness -
- Education charity Into Film to celebrate emerging young filmmakers, reviewers and teachers using film at star-studded awards ceremony -
Bundle of SMART Board 6065, SMART amp software, Google Apps for Education ....
Classroom technology ‘hardly used’ by teachers
A new Canvas study of UK teachers shows tech ‘dormancy’ impacts results
Parents back new global online platform allowing pupils to anonymously report bullying. Pupils and schools urged to Speak UP!
Online CPD- accredited training module to ensure schools and academies comply with their statutory ‘Prevent Duty’
Online CPD- accredited training module to ensure schools and academies comply with their statutory ‘Prevent Duty’ to help prevent radicalisation and extremism
-Educators Invited to Sign up for Free Training as Studies Show Engagement with Film Boosts Literacy-
Taking Computer Science to the next level
Anne Marie Neatham, Chief Operating Officer, Ocado Technology
Calling all teachers and schools across the UK! From November 2015, FUZE Technologies Ltd is offering a limited number of FREE coding and electronics workshops for students aged seven to 18.
Teachers reveal technology is the ideal learning tool
London, UK – Friday 23 October: In sharp contrast to recent controversial reports questioning the merits of using technology in schools, a Censuswide survey of UK teachers reveals 97% ........
FUZE donates equipment to Science Oxford to encourage children to code
Gold Platos awards for outstanding teachers celebrated at the Pearson Teaching Awards 2015
Gold Platos awards for outstanding teachers celebrated at the Pearson Teaching Awards 201
Applications are now open for computing scholarships.
Research reveals a quarter of teachers believe digital learning boosts exam results by .....
Research reveals a quarter of teachers believe digital learning boosts exam results by at least one grade
The world’s biggest youth film festival returns, featuring over 2,700 free screenings & events - 4TH – 20TH NOVEMBER 2015
Exhibitors kept busy by record attendance at ICT for Education conference Newcastle!
Exhibitors kept busy by record attendance at ICT for Education conference Newcastle!
Schools are “crying out” for training and support to help them make the most of budgets and prepare for a funding ...........
Student planning experts – Penstripe – to unveil their innovative new app at ICT for Education
September 25th will see student planning experts – Penstripe – make their debut at the ICT for Education exhibition at St James’ Park, Newcastle.
“Children living in rural areas currently miss out when it comes to music education......
Sound and Music
A Minute of Listening for every day of the school year ........
Pupil exposure to ICT continues to rise despite its value being questioned
BCS respond to OECD report on technology in schools
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, says the way that computers have been used in schools until recently could ...........
"Every Child Can Code " Initiative
Leading classroom management specialist launch Windows 10 support
Leading classroom management specialist, NetSupport, has released the latest version of NetSupport School to coincide with the worldwide availability of Windows 10.
Python overtakes French as the most popular ‘language’ taught in primary schools
Secret listeners who bugged the Nazis in WW2
LGfL launches The M Room - a new History and English resource for KS3/4 on the secret listeners who bugged the Nazis in WW2
The Prodigals Online has been produced to engage, educate and empower young people to confidently face the challenges and opportunities of independence and adulthood.
Survey suggests many schools remain undecided about how they will move forward with pupil assessment
Survey suggests many schools remain undecided about how they will move forward with pupil assessment
Digital literacy is as important as literacy and numeracy says BCS .......
Games industry seeks funding to save Digital Schoolhouse project
London, 30th June 2015: Digital Schoolhouse, a games industry-led initiative to get more children interested in coding and to help schools teach the new Computing curriculum in innovative and engaging ways is under threat unless more funding can be secured.
Schools can take advantage of a new commercial IT support package specifically designed to meet the requirements of the education sector.
New resource helps schools counter extremism and online radicalisation
Freely available to all UK schools, the new ‘Counter-Extremism - narratives and conversations’ resource from the London Grid for Learning aims to help schools prevent pupils from being radicalised online.
New advanced addition to SMART kapp product line is the interactive display reimagined
Tablet adoption continues to rise; barriers to adoption shift
Tablet use in schools continues to rise as barriers to adoption shift, new research from the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has revealed.
LocknCharge offers schools that extra peace of mind, with a one-year electrical warranty completely free (three years in total) on all iQ 30 Carts ordered before the 31st July.
Discovery Education, as part of its core mission to empower teachers and engage pupils with high-quality, engaging digital content
− Discovery Education, as part of its core mission to empower teachers and engage pupils with high-quality, engaging digital content, adds more than 230 learning activities to Espresso to accommodate school partners’ needs. −
Talented teens show celebs and royals winning ideas for a ‘better, simpler or easier’ future at TeenTech Awards 2015
Revision Buddies joins the market leading interactive touchscreen provider
Revision Buddies joins the market leading interactive touchscreen provider, Clevertouch on its educational app store
Lincoln, UK – 22 June 2015: Managed print and document-centric services company, the Danwood Group, and KYOCERA Document Solutions UK have partnered to bring 3D printing to schools across the UK
Student entrepreneurs from across the country announced as winners in Apps for Good Awards 2015
22 June 2015: The winners of the national Apps for Good Awards 2015 were announced last Thursday.
End false choice between academic rigour and individual development ......
Tech teaching space is go
Comic Relief provides funding after success at WaveMaker taster sessions
The Point2Protect product is a simple and secure app that allows children to make the best use of the internet whilst having a safe, responsible online experience.
LearnPad partners with top educational publishers to create ready-made content for teachers
Award-winning classroom tablet solution supplier, LearnPad is partnering with the very best software developers and educational publishers to create a range of new Premium Content Packs for schools .....
New online Parents Evening Booking Service simplifies the organisation of parents evenings
2Simple launch Tabletoons to help primary school children .....
2Simple launch Tabletoons to help primary school children memo the times tables using musical animation and humourrise
Free resources for primary teachers to help keep their classes on track
Education technology company targets further market growth as it secures $3 million in funding
Digital Assess secures funding to scale up operations to meet increasing demand for digital assessment across vocational and education sectors
Finalists announced in national student app awards
Finalists announced in national student app awards
According to a recent survey, more than half (54%) of staff in independent schools have access to a tablet at work.
Tarleton Academy appoints Capita to new support ICT contract
Tarleton Academy has awarded Capita Managed IT Solutions a new contract to provide Capita Custom Fit, an escalated support service, strategic advice and staff mentoring.
Educational not-for-profit organisation LGfL Trust has launched TRUSTnet, a comprehensive new package comprising discounted broadband, ICT services and BETT award-winning digital curriculum content.
Discover the latest trends in parental communication technology at Birmingham’s Science Museum
Communications specialist, Groupcall, is hosting a complimentary seminar on how to get the best out of parental communications technology, on Friday 5th June at the Digital Thinktank Planetarium within Birmingham’s popular Science Museum.
Polar Exploration in the Heroic Age of Scientific Discovery
2Simple launches Serial Mash Writers Competition to bring out the inner author in children
Educational Software Company, 2Simple, are teaming up with children’s author, Jonny Zuckerto run ......
New Legislation states that Local Authorities will no longer determine the duration and dates of school holidays
Post 16 education starts to flip
The adoption of ‘flipped learning’ in post-16 education appears to be increasing rapidly according to research released today from the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA).
The World Education Games are back and open for pre-registration. Join 5m students aged 4-18 from over 200 countries
Frillo looking at parents’ attitudes towards the way their child’s school budget is allocations
66% of parents believe their child’s school budget could be allocated in a more efficient way
Apple Solutions Expert, GBM Digital is inviting education professionals to a free advisory training day, in partnership with Peterborough City Council and Apple.
Discovery Education Community presents a summer institute for school partners
The 2015 DEN Summer Institute, held in Washington, D.C., provides UK teachers an opportunity to gain innovative, digital strategies and network with educators all over the world.
Blog by Anne Marie Neatham, Ocado Technology
Imagine developing an app which teaches young people financial literacy by letting them track their pocket money.
NetSupport School now delivers complete classroom management for Android learning environments
Education software developer NetSupport announces the immediate availability of its new teacher app for Android
Budding student reporters from Claires Court Senior Boys, Maidenhead spent the day exploring television production
THE use of technology in schools has been boosted with 3D printing breaking new ground – giving children the chance to design their own city.
Apps for Good launches Fellows Programme to nurture next generation of tech and business innovators
Cloud-based online payment, online booking
Cloud-based online payment, online booking, expenditure management, enrolment, consent management and communication services for education now accessible from mobiles, tablets and PCs anytime, anywhere
Vocab Express partners with Cornwall Learning to offer new Inspire Curriculum
Remind Introduces Two-Way Messaging with Launch of “Chat”
App Update Allows Students and Parents to Communicate with Teachers without Sacrificing Privacy
AOL UK today announced the launch of YouBuild, a competition to engage and inspire school children to learn how to code.
Teachers believe that inadequate IT is putting learning in schools at risk, according to new research from Brother UK.
Pi enthusiasts will be able to securely and seamlessly access their Pi using VNC.
RealVNC, the original developer and provider of VNC® remote access and control software has announced that Raspberry Pi enthusiasts will be able to securely and seamlessly access their Pi using VNC.
Teachers across England have great ideas every day to excite and engage their pupils.
Well-designed classrooms can boost learning progress in primary school pupils
New report released today by the University of Salford shows clear evidence that well-designed primary school classrooms boost children’s learning progress in reading, writing and maths
Win a Science Week iPad and a free subscription to IntoScience interactive digital resource
1 in 5 schools will be left vulnerable with obsolete MS products
Windows Server 2003 end of life poses unique security threats to education
With all the other financial pressures facing educational managers, it is easy to walk past a row of filing cabinets or the archive room stuffed with archive boxes and not appreciate just how much that space might be costing.
New version of Vocab Express announced:
Teachers and learners to benefit from significant enhancements to Vocab Express in 2015
Thirty-nine per cent of UK students have been victims of cyberbullying according to research from e-safety software specialist.
76% of parents want online access to curriculum so they can help with homework
76% of parents want online access to curriculum so they can help with homework
How “Keeping Up with The Kids” is essential to ensure a safer internet environment in schools warns cloud security company, CensorNet
Capita delivers £15m IT upgrade for Leicester schools
During the past 18 months, 10,000 pupils in sixteen different school in Leicester have benefited from a £15m upgrade to their IT equipment and services
Over 14,000 schools and pupils now learning to code with Ocado Technology’s Rapid Router
DfE approves GL Assessment’s ‘Baseline’
DfE approves GL Assessment’s ‘Baseline’ assessment for pupils entering Reception
Schools’ budgets increase above the rate of inflation
UK education and technology
UK education and technology companies join forces to bridge skills gap
The Vocab Express League of Champions has been launched in the search for the world’s best young linguists.
Tristram Hunt and Richard Branson back review of tech in schools
Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt has backed an initiative, supported by Richard Branson, to give pupils and teachers a voice on how technology is used in the classroom.
Educational ICT support and training services provider Fantastict has developed a framework document providing expert guidance on how to meet the demands of the computing curriculum in KS1 and KS2.
Contact Group Introduces Class Charts and School Robins
Contact Group, a provider of communication services, has partnered Edukey, a provider of education software, to offer Class Charts and School Robins.
ICT for Education has opened a virtual conference and exhibition that allows education professionals to access leading educational content, browse ICT products and services, and download presentations from virtual speaker theatres.
Fantastict Posters Support Computing Curriculum
Educational ICT specialist Fantastict has created a set of colourful classroom posters aimed at helping students understand some of the key terminology included in the new computing curriculum covering Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
The City and County of Swansea (CCS) has selected Aerohive’s wireless local area network as the platform for mobility across its education, learning services and libraries.
Education sector slow to buy online
The education sector could save time and money if its buying professionals employed their domestic online savvy in the workplace. According to independent research carried out on behalf of YPO, the UK’s largest public sector buying organisation, 95% of education sector professional purchasers enjoy the time and money saving benefits of online shopping at home, yet just 22% has purchased anything online as part of their job.
Engineering in Motion (EIM), the umbrella body of three educational initiatives, has partnered with Young Engineers to cross-promote programmes offered by each organisation and boost interest in engineering in schools.
ICTfE365 Now Open !
ICTfE365 will help schools and teachers find information on equipment and suppliers for their ICT requirements all under one roof.
Microsoft and charity UKYouth have selected Cheshire-based deafness charity Deafness Support Network (DSN) to become part of a national initiative to help improve young people’s digital literacy.
Coming Soon! ICTfE365 - an all year round on-line exhibition
ICT for Education are launching a revolutionary virtual exhibition on May 1st. ICTfE365 will help schools and teachers find information on equipment and suppliers for their ICT requirements all under one roof.
Carval Computing, a supplier of integrated human resources, payroll, and time and attendance software, is increasing its focus on the education sector
IET welcomes plans to link employers and educators
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has welcomed government plans to increase the requirement for schools to build links with employers
Some of society’s most vulnerable groups of learners – prisoners, travellers, young people excluded from school, adults struggling with literacy and numeracy – will soon be able to study for GCSEs in English and maths
Royal Albert Hall teams up with Samsung
The Royal Albert Hall has joined forces with Samsung to create a digital classroom that will host a cross-curriculum music programme for children aged 7 to 14.
Loved By Kids has reported the preliminary results of a nationwide survey of teachers covering their views on technology in the classroom.
Point2Host offers hosted software solution
Point2School, an online shopping mall for primary and secondary schools, has introduced Point2Host, a service that hosts schools’ licensed Windows software, freeing up valuable space and saving money.
Instructure, a US education technology innovator, has introduced its Canvas VLE to the UK market, offering a multi-tenant, native cloud architecture hosted in Ireland by Amazon Web Services and guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.
ICT for Education conference programme
The ICT for Education national conference programme reaches Leeds on Friday 25 April with a great line-up of speakers including ICT teachers, education leaders and school development experts.
Forensic Outreach, an online platform that focuses on public engagement in security and crime science, has collaborated with an FBI cryptanalyst and leading science education provider, Ward's Science
Get ready for Ofsted with Mesma
Education software specialist Mesma has introduced an online solution to help primary school headteachers’ meet Ofsted requirements more quickly and easily.
The Cambridge-based triumvirate of schools publisher Cambridge University Press, exam board OCR and the Raspberry Pi Foundation have introduced a competition inspired by the national Hour of Code Week
Rising Stars supports Hour of Code
Educational publisher Rising Stars is offering free resources to support the Hour of Code in primary schools.
The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has won government funding for a business support service for small and emerging UK-based organisations targeting the education sector.
Petra’s Planet for Schools arrives in the UK
Petra’s Planet for Schools, an engaging and interactive world of social media and global content sharing for young learners, has been introduced in the UK.
ICT for Education kicks off its 2014 national conference programme this week with an event in Maidstone on Friday 7 March.
Sherston Software Extends Planet Sherston learning platform
Sherston Software, a provider of innovative educational software, has introduced a new version of Planet Sherston, a game-based, adaptive learning platform for children in primary education.
MathWorks, a developer of mathematical computing software, has identified a skills gap in the financial services industry caused, in part, by a shortfall in the focus on IT and maths in secondary schools.
Share your view on classroom technology
The team behind Story Station, an interactive multimedia picture book platform for primary schools, has put out a call for UK teachers to share their views on technology in the classroom
Easyclass has secured over 250 primary and secondary schools across Europe as users of its learning management system
Fourier’s einstein supports STEM
Fourier Education showcases its einstein Tablet+ at the show.
Toshiba has bundled its Excite tablets with Avantis Systems’ LearnPadConnect platform to provide a complete solution for schools
Capita adds SIMS Teacher
Capita presents SIMS Teacher at the Bett show, an app designed to help teachers with non-teaching tasks they need to perform in class.
Vernier Software & Technology is broadening the opportunities for data collection in STEM classrooms with the release of Graphical Analysis for Android.
Firefly offers Teacher Planner
Learning platform and VLE provider, Firefly, has introduced Teacher Planner, an app designed to enhance classroom management
The winners of the Bett Awards 2014 were announced last night, recognising outstanding education sector resources, learning solutions and companies.
Gove envisions education equality
Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove opened Bett 2014 yesterday with a review of the new computing curriculum
ParentMail, a school-to-home communication and payments service, is showcasing a new platform at Bett 2014.
RM adds management tools
RM Education is offering a number of new educational technology management tools at Bett 2014.
CSE has released Magellan, a universal education portal, at Bett 2014.
Intel adds rugged tablet and classmate PC
Intel has added a tablet and PC designed for education to its Education Solutions portfolio
Promethean has introduced a portfolio of educational technology, content development and teacher training solutions designed to improve the quality of learning
FilmClub offers magic of the movies
FilmClub, the school programme that gives children free weekly access to thousands of classic and popular films and related resources, will detail its services and sign teachers up to the programme at the Bett show
Daydream Education is introducing curriculum based apps for primary schools at Bett 2014.
MediaCore extends video platform
MediaCore has added plug-ins to its cloud based video education platform to help schools add high quality video to the Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas Virtual Learning
Bett 2014 opens its doors tomorrow with a keynote address by Education Secretary Michael Gove.
Lego Education adds StoryStarter
Lego Education adds StoryStarter to its portfolio at Bett.
Meru Networks expects Gigabit WiFi based on the 802.11ac standard to deliver uninterrupted learning in schools at all levels.
Pupils Take To The Floor
WizeFloor will be demonstrated by children from two UK primary schools at the Bett show.
ICT for Education kick starts its 2014 national conference programme in March, building on many of the issues debated at Bett 2014
Rising Stars tackles new curriculum
Microsoft and educational publisher Rising Stars have come together to develop creative resources for primary schools
Vocab Express has teamed up with Oxford University Press to provide a free online platform for pupils and parents to learn, revise and test progress in a range of languages.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes to inspire educators at Bett 2014
Intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes will stories of his inspirational career with educators at Bett 2014
Planet Sherston, in partnership with Webanywhere, is running a national competition to design an alien avatar.
Reggie wins MobileWebAward
Reggie, a mobile student registration app, has won the Outstanding Mobile App in the MobileWebAwards.
ICT for Education kicks off its national conference programme next month with nine regional events planned to take place across the country.
European Electronique wins Education Investor Award
Technology solutions provider European Electronique has won the Technological Infrastructure award at the Education Investor Awards 2013. has reached the one million member mark a year after being acquired by The Student Room Group.
Tribal adds cloud based management information system
Tribal Group, a provider of solutions for education markets, is planning to introduce Synergy in Schools, an online management information system (MIS)
ICT for Education is planning ahead for 2014 with a national conference programme that will visit nine regions and kick off in Maidstone in March.
Bett lists finalists for 2014 awards
i2i Events Group and the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) have listed the finalists for the 16th annual Bett Awards.
Marks & Spencer (M&S) has joined forward with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Stemnet to bring IT specialists from industry into schools.
Adobe Generation returns with free online courses
Adobe is planning the return of Adobe Generation with the rollout of five free online courses that will help 50,000 students and teachers develop the creative skills needed in the digital workplace.
The Transformation Trust, a charity that offers young people opportunities to boost their employability skills,
ICT for Education adds services
ICT for Education is building an online schools directory designed to help schools advertise and fill vacancies efficiently and cost effectively.
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has introduced a Digital Literacy for Life programme with a call for more to be done to ensure a new form of illiteracy.
Mooc on computing goes live
A massive open online course (Mooc) designed to support the teaching and learning of computing in schools has gone live.
TechSmith has partnered MediaCore, provider of an online media library, to allow users of its Snagit screen capture software to share and manage video content.
West Yorkshire Academy introduces BYOD scheme
The Purston E-ACT Academy in West Yorkshire has rolled out a bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) scheme.
Welcome back to the new academic year and plenty of new concepts and content from ICT for Education.
Skills Matter offers support for computing curriculum
Skills Matter is working in partnership with Computing at School and Code Club to support ICT teachers as they prepare for next year’s introduction of computer science as a core subject
Booking is open for tickets for the first National Youth Film Festival that takes place at venues all over the UK.
Adobe calls for creativity in education
Research by Adobe shows that 67% of teachers and lecturers across the primary, secondary and higher education sectors in the UK believe creativity in education is vital to fuel the economy of the future.
Contact Group, a provider of school-to-home communications solutions, has added a mobile student registration app to its product portfolio.
ICT for Education gets set for September
ICT for Education is planning four conferences for the new academic year, developing its recruitment service and preparing a directory of ICT suppliers.
The first National Youth Film Festival, a nationwide programme of free film screenings and related activities for children aged five to 19, will run from 21 October to 8 November 2013.
Viglen cloud services accredited by government
Viglen has been accredited for inclusion on the Government Procurement Service G-Cloud III Framework.
Netop has revealed the results of the classroom technology survey it carried out in conjunction with ICT for Education.
Mobento offers curated video library
Tech City start-up Mobento has raised £1.1 million of seed funding for its educational video hub.
ICT for Education has added a recruitment service to its portfolio of conferences, magazines and newsletters.
European Electronique joins Microsoft in Shape the Future programme
Microsoft has selected European Electronique as a supplier partner for its Shape the Future Programme.
Exam board OCR is working on an initiative to help teachers design and create innovative educational technology for use in the classroom.
Cabinet Office sets up cyber security challenge
Cabinet Office has set up a cyber security schools program.
Netop, a provider of classroom management software, has introduced version 8 of Vision and Vision Pro, software that supports schools building bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.
ICT for Education adds recruitment service
ICT for Education has added a recruitment service to its portfolio of conferences, magazines, supplements and newsletters. The service is designed to support schools recruiting new staff and education professionals looking for a new position or career opportunity.
Tech City, the East London home of more than 1,340 tech companies hacking, building and making cutting-edge digital products, is hosting a Digital Summer Camp from 10 to 12 July.
Win an iPad in Netop competition
Netop, a provider of classroom management software, has introduced version 8 of Vision and Vision Pro, software that supports schools building bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.
Technology distributor Steljes has opened an online portal to help schools optimise their IT investment by improving teaching techniques.
ICT for Education plans recruitment service
ICT for Education is planning to add a recruitment service to its portfolio of conferences, magazines, supplements and newsletters.
Academy Transformation Trust has named Gaia Technologies as its preferred provider of ICT services.
Texthelp introduces iReadWrite
Texthelp, a provider of literacy support software, has developed an iPad version of its ReadWrite product that is available immediately from the Apple app store.
TAG Assessments, the e-assessment division of Sherston Software, has won a series of international contracts that build on pilot projects using the company’s innovative tools.
NetSupport upgrades classroom software
18 April 2013: Software specialist NetSupport has released version 11.20 of its classroom management solution to support the Windows 8 Metro start screen and extend support for Google Chromebooks.
School budgets are expected to rise by 2.6% in 2012/13 with investment in ICT up 1.9% during the academic year.
Leaf Investments funds learning technology start-ups
Leaf Investments, a newly established boutique investment fund for the learning technology sector, is seeking to build a portfolio of investments in early-stage learning technology companies.
An online register of companies is being built by schools that have used and recommended the companies’ products and services.
ICT for Education kicks off national conference programme
ICT for Education kicked off its national conference programme this month with a lively event in Maidstone.
Ash Green Secondary School in Coventry has partnered Dassault Systèmes in a community involvement initiative that delivers learning experiences based on Dassault’s 3DExperience technology.
Microsoft and Promethean partner to develop collaborative learning tools
Microsoft and Promethean have teamed up to develop solutions for collaborative classroom-based learning.
Code Club, the national network of volunteer led after school coding clubs for children aged nine to eleven, is building profile through the appointment of The Duke of York as patron
ClickView and IDNSAV create one-stop digital video shop
ClickView has joined forces with national IT and AV products distributor IDNSAV to provide schools with a one-stop-shop for both digital technology and content.
Mantra Lingua has introduced Talking TouchPalette, a lightweight yet large palette that allows users to add and play back audio content from any poster at the touch of a finger.
ICT for Education rolls out conference programme . . . and more!
ICT for Education kicks off its national conference programme next month with nine regional events planned to take place across the country.
The winners of this year’s BETT awards span the spectrum of ICT products and services in the education market
Espresso adds computer programming module
Espresso Education is addressing the anticipated IT curriculum for primary schools with a computer programming module developed in partnership with Wolverhampton City Council.
ICT services provider Stone Group has teamed up with assistive technology specialist iansyst to provide Stone PCs, laptops and tablets with the option of pre-installed software
Samsung previews Smart School solution
Samsung Electronics is showcasing its vision of the classroom of the future at BETT 2013 and previewing its Smart School solution
Platform provider Learning Possibilities has added Windows 8 and iPad and iPhone access to its LP+4 cloud-based solution that is built on SharePoint 2010
TeacherMail supports classroom to parent communication
School-to-home communications and payments service provider ParentMail is introducing a pupil reporting tool for the classroom at BETT 2013.
Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 has been introduced at BETT 2013, providing a next generation robotics platform.
RM Education adds Unify cloud access
RM Education has added Unify to its portfolio giving users single sign-on access to their own cloud Launch Pad and one click access to any applications or services that are available to them.
Crick Software is planning a series of additional Clicker apps, the first two of which will debut at BETT 2013 with special introductory prices.
Acer hosts social media village
Acer is hosting a social media village at BETT 2013 and is running several seminars aimed at helping teachers take advantage of social media technologies.
BETT 2013 opens its doors today hosting over 650 exhibitors and expecting visitor numbers to reach 30,000.
Start-up pavilion hosts PitchFest
BETT 2013 and EdMix, a group of education technology start-ups, are running a start-up pavilion at the show that will showcase the innovative ideas, resources and learning technology solutions of 20 educational technology companies.
Capita SIMS and Capita IT Services are teaming up at BETT 2013 to show schools how technology can help raise standards in leadership, day-to-day school management, teaching and learning.
Promethean supports learning productivity
Promethean will demonstrate at BETT 2013 how contemporary classroom practices augmented with multi-user, multi-touch technology can increase teaching and learning productivity and create an immersive and engaging educational experience.
Stone Group, a provider of ICT services to the public sector, is inviting BETT 2013 visitors to join a three-day hackathon in which teachers attending the show will suggest ideas for classroom apps and challenge developers to build working prototypes in a day.
Secretary of State Vince Cable opens BETT 2013
Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills will open this year’s BETT show emphasising the importance of technology in education.
This year’s shortlist for Education Resource Awards features numerous ICT solutions, not only in ICT categories, but also in wider categories.
Casio presents Bright Minds Enterprise winner
Casio will present its Bright Minds Enterprise award for 2013 at this year’s BETT exhibition and introduce new tablet and signage products.
Cheshire-based design agency GSD will demonstrate its recently introduced Reggie app at BETT 2013.
CKM details education content competition
CKM Education is offering schools that take part in a 30-day free trial of its Digital Lesson Presenter the opportunity to enter a competition to win access to 7,300 minutes of educational content from educational publisher Schlessinger Media for one year.
The finalists in the 13 categories of the Bett Awards have been named by the British Educational Suppliers Association (Besa) and Bett Show organiser i2i Events Group.
ICT for Education makes plans for 2013
ICT for Education is planning its third national conference programme, making final preparations to go live with a new and vastly improved website, and looking forward to working with Bett Show organiser i2i Events Group.
UniServity and Serco Education and Learning have partnered to offer a complete school solution including a learning platform and management information system.
Capita SIMS integrates Alfiesoft assessments
Capita SIMS has teamed up with QCDA assessments specialist Alfiesoft with the aim of ensuring that students’ test results are automatically available in the SIMS management information system (MIS).
Epson has introduced its first twin-stacked passive 3D projector system designed for the education market. The Epson EB-W16SK offers a low total cost of ownership, is compatible with any 3D signal format and ensures audiences of all sizes can enjoy vivid 3D projection.
ICT for Education buyers’ guide forecasts a return to investment
School budgets took a knock last year, but with Education Secretary Michael Gove giving schools more freedom in how they spend their funds..
RM Education’s TTS Group and Whizz Education have been named winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012.
Win a Science Week iPad and a free subscription to IntoScience interactive digital resource
Win a Science Week iPad and a free subscription to IntoScience interactive digital resource
Communications specialist, Groupcall, is hosting a complimentary seminar on how to get the best out of parental communications technology, on Friday 5th June at the Digital Thinktank Planetarium within Birmingham’s popular Science Museum.
Designs for the world of tomorrow: Talented teens show celebs and royals winning ideas for a ‘better, simpler or easier’ future at TeenTech Awards 2015
An e-water tap for Africa, a flat-pack disaster home, sunglasses to monitor epilepsy and a guitar with never-ending strings were just some of the winning innovations ......
Tablet use in schools continues to rise as barriers to adoption shift, new research from the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has revealed
David Hoare resigns as chair of Ofsted
The TES is reporting that David Hoare has stepped down from his position as the chair of Ofsted.
The Daily Mail is reporting that a recent study has found that iPad apps and technology can teach children just as well as teachers can
Budget fails to help most children and young people’s education
An official ATL press release on the recent budget announcements…


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IPads ‘help improve young pupils’ skills’.

The BBC reports that young children’s maths, English and communication skills improve if they use iPads in school on a regular basis.

'Effectively Managing Teacher Workloads'

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) conducted a survey of over 16,000 teachers in September last year and found that: 90% of teachers had considered giving up teaching in the last two years because of workload.