2Simple’s primary product is Purple Mash. It is a web-based product targeted at primary schools and designed to provide a solution for cross-curriculum learning.

Purple Mash uses technology as a vehicle for learning and requires action and interaction from children. The product supports creative writing, quiz questions, animation and ideas such as being a person in history, and allows children to demonstrate their learning and understanding.

For teachers, there are numerous aids including planning documents, while each programme has a help document and / or video. Support is provided by email and phone from 8am to 6pm, including during the school holidays.

Purple Mash is primarily about creativity. Its aim is to inspire children while bringing the fun and excitement into learning. Equally, the intention is to provide teachers with the support and guidance they need. This intention is summed up in the 2Simple motte ‘Raising standards through creativity’.

Purple Mash can be purchased online and there is also a dedicated sales team that visits schools to demonstrate the website. This is a free service. The company can arrange meetings with relevant staff in prospective customer schools and schools can purchase bespoke training from the company’s training team.

The website hosts about 100,000 users per day, which tells its own story of Purple Mash being used by a large number of schools.

Verdict 8/10                                                        Mark Kelly


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