GroupCall offers a number of communication solutions including Xpressions, a messaging service designed for parents. It is a free app and enables a school to contact parents and vice versa.

 There is a timeline on the home page that shows every message the school has sent to you and every message you have sent back.
In the case of parents having multiple children in multiple schools, they can receive an information feed from both schools simultaneously. Xpressions can also receive information from other apps used by the school.
There are security concerns in relation to the concept of this kind of app. However, the app links into the school’s MIS, which means that as long as the MIS is secure, the app is also secure.
 Information available to parents using Xpressions is comprehensive. It provides details of morning and afternoon registration, so parents can ensure their children have arrived at school. Children’s’ timetables can also be viewed, while Xpressions also details what homework students have been set and whether they are up to date with homework. It shows student marks in each subject and gives details of children’s’ behaviour. All of this information comes from the MIS and is communicated using Xpressions.
Xpressions is a product that many parents will find indispensable. It can keep parents informed about their children’s’ school attendance and education, and allay any concerns about the welfare of their children while in school.
Verdict: 10/10                                                                     
Reviewed by Mark Kelly, ICT for Education


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