iBoardTouch manufactures interactive touch screens, producing both the hardware and software to make both mutually compatible.

In this aspect, the company’s solutions are unique. In the education sector, iBoardTouch provides the entire spectrum of establishments, ranging from primary schools to universities.
In terms of cost, a 65” screen is available for below £2,000. The smallest screen available is 42”, while the largest is 98”.
The screens can communicate with iPads, making it possible to write on the screen with the content appearing on a linked iPad. Likewise, it is possible to write on the iPad which and see the content on the screen.
The company says its products have less than a 1% failure rate, although it does have a service centre in Leeds.
iBoardTouch is focused on the needs of its clients. For example, software can be adapted to meet the needs of a particular customer.
Deservedly, iBoardTouch is a market leader within its product genre. The company’s product is constantly evolving in order to meet client needs, and on occasions meets needs that clients have yet to know they have! iBoardTouch is an innovator that does not stint on quality.

Verdict: 10/10   
Review by Mark Kelly, ICT for Education


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