Vybra Solutions

Vybra Solutions specialise in device management. This covers the charging and secure storage of electronic devices.

Their target market is anybody in the education sector who uses a tablet or a laptop in an educational establishment.

Their products primarily aim for simplicity and to be user friendly. They are also geared to be used with multiple brands of device. Some of their storage products are static, and some mobile. Flexibility and ease of use are their key aims. They claim that their products are competitively priced

Vybra Solutions are partnered by a company called Stride Solutions. They offer national coverage in terms of after-sales support. The products are manufactured in the UK, and there is always a large selection of stock available, so the actual purchase procedure is quick and easy. The products are widely used throughout the UK.

The company is constantly striving for innovation. Their research and development takes note of feedback received from customers, so they are frequently issuing new products. An example is their desire to improve the air quality in classrooms, thus helping to prevent the spread of germs and therefore improving the health of both pupils and teachers. The product they have come up with has already been approved by Allergy UK. It is called the Boneco, and is an air washer, humidifier, and purifier. It monitors the air quality in the classroom. It also takes away odours from the air. It is eco-friendly as it uses very little electricity, and costs £495.

Vybra Solutions’ products are not necessarily unique within the education market, but they are of a high quality and in some cases are quite innovative.

Verdict: 8/10                                                             Mark Kelly




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