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Wand is a simple content creation platform. A large number of creative activities can be added to it.

Wand is a very new product. Its appearance at our Newbury conference was a ‘soft launch’, and it had its ‘hard launch’ at BETT in January.


Wand is a simple content creation platform. A large number of creative activities can be added to it. It allows interactive lessons to be created in minutes. The interactive lesson templates allow teachers the flexibility to cater for children in mixed ability classes, so no child is over-stretched or conversely, not sufficiently challenged.


Teachers can use Wand to create a wide range of learning activities from image galleries. These activities can be created and then sent to students’ devices. The aim is to allow teachers to easily manage lesson content. Previously prepared lessons are stored in a ‘lesson bank’ in the cloud. That means that lessons created by other teachers can be used and customised. Clearly this will save time for teachers. Freshly created lessons can also be stored in the cloud.


The product is aimed at secondary schools together with the final years of primary schools. There is a free version of the product, which will remain free. The premium version however, is £59 per year. There are school licences which range from £250 to £1200 per school (depending on the size of the school), which entitle the schools to discounts from the product itself. The premium version comes with chat support which is available during office hours.


The product can be easily purchased online. It can be customised to meet the school’s needs. Being a web-based platform it doesn’t require any physical set-up.


It will be interesting to see how this very imaginative new product progresses in the future.


Verdict: 7/10                                                             Mark Kelly



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