Karine George

Karine George is an experienced consultant and keynote speaker having worked in education for more than 35 years. She was a headteacher for more than 20 years in a large junior school rated as outstanding. She held a number of roles for the local authority and the DfE, including leading headteacher for literacy, headteacher mentor, threshold assessor, primary consultant leader and school improvement partner. She has also represented headteachers as part of the Hampshire executive.
As an active research practitioner, Karine is an ardent advocator of technology to support 21st century learning. As a result, she has won a number of awards including Leadership and Vision for the development of ICT, Third Millennium Learning, Parental Engagement and the Martin Bacon Award for School of the Year for developing a whole education. She was selected to work on the Government task force for Home Access and has reported to the department on the use of technology.
Karine has written many articles on a range of educational issues. She is also co-author of ‘Sustainable School Transformation: An Inside-Out School Led Approach’, which looks at how the rigour of traditional top-down accountability models can be combined with the engagement and buy-in of school led inside-out approaches.


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